She didn’t know of any place like that, and that was fine. But it proved what he’d thought already regarding Paula being from another world just as Ana had been. Kukuroo Mountain was world known, for the most part. So, someone who hadn’t at least heard of it…


"Yeah, it’s pretty secluded. Not many people know about it at all." It was better to keep the secret.

"I travel all around the world, so yeah.. You could say I’m just visiting. Who knows how long I’ll be staying here."


"Well, if you need somewhere to stay, you can come to my place. It’s my hometown so I can also show you around if need be," she said as a smile crossed her lips. "I’m sure the preschool kids would love ya!"

ポーラのテーマ | Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno






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Killua had stuttered the same way long ago. Illumi knows how to detect lies, Paula’s sputtering is a dead giveaway. Her blue eyes avoiding his own, another giveaway. More and more suspicious with every passing second… 


She had not heard of nen. Illumi wasn’t too sure he wanted to tell her anything more, with what powers she possesses already. “If they are not nen, what is it that activates them?” So instead, he ignores her question completely. 


"Nothing…I have no idea what you’re talking about…" She made sure to keep her distance; in case he tried drastic measures. "Sheesh, I just wanted to know what nen was.."

If only she had her trusty frying pan.



Telling her where he’d gotten his abilities was a bit of a stretch. If he knew her a bit better, he might not hesitate to tell her. But as it was…

Well, he didn’t assume she would be a danger to him. But if she suddenly turned, he’d rather be safe than sorry. 


"I can tell you I’m a traveler. My original home was called "Kukuroo Mountain", but I mostly reside in a place called "Yorkshin City" now." Which if by what he’d gathered from Ana was true… This girl wouldn’t have a clue where either of those places were.

Judging from the sound of the names, Killua was probably somewhere on the eastern side of the world. If that’s the case, why was he here? Visiting someone maybe? 


"I haven’t heard of those areas, but since this is our first meeting, they must be pretty secluded, right?" Paula rocked on her heels and tilted her head in thought. "Does that mean you’re here to visit? Or are you here by coincidence?" 



"There is an…extraordinary amount of aura contained in your body….do you have abilities you happen to be hiding from me?" He inquires. "Have you heard of nen?" At least where Illumi came from, assuming this place is a part of his world, nen was practically everywhere.

"You don’t have to continue lying to me."


He mimics her straightening back, seemingly doubling the intimidation factor. “Eventually you’ll have to tell the truth.”

"Abilities..? N-no! I have no idea what you’re talking about!" At this point, she was just making obvious lies - lies that hopefully weren’t leading to her death.


Nen? Is that what her powers were called “scientifically” or something? If they allow people to see your psychic prowess, it sounded useful. “How does someone get this…nen thing?”




Something flickered in ”Sophia’s” eyes. The ever familiar on-guard approach. She had seen more than let on, that too he could tell, the way her back straightened in determination. 

"Classified..though I suppose things get quite deadly while on the job.”

A kind of work that involves exploring and possible death?  Who the hell is this guy? Narrowing her eyes, Paula tried to study him carefully, even more than when she had first seen him. 


The question floating around in her head finally decided to come out after a noticeable silence. “…What do you mean by “a lot of aura”?” 



"In all their tree-zapping glory?" It sounded like a bad idea, almost. He wasn’t sure he wanted to get involved with a group that could freeze him solid or potentially worse. 


"Similar’s about as good as it gets. It’s not the same, though. I know a bit about psychics thanks to that other girl I know. …What I can do has nothing to do with being psychic."

So, no mind-reading stuff. No levitation… No demonic alien-killing prayers. You know. Just a few million volts to be tossed around here and there. 


"I guess that’s true. I don’t understand how you can have these powers without being psychic though. Would you be able to tell me?"

He sure is a mysterious boy…but there’s no harm in prying a bit is there? Killua probably wouldn’t give too much away -they did meet a few minutes ago after all- but it was worth a shot. 

"Or at least tell me where you’re from?"




"I know you now,” he states. “Why I am here can be considered a form of exploration…a part of my line of work is knowing and learning about particular places and people. Consider it as you will, but, you have a large amount of aura inside of you, Sophia.”


Aura? What was he talking about? Unless he called her powers “aura”…but pretty much only the people in town (and a select few elsewhere) knew about it. So how..?

"You’re line of work huh? What kind of work?"